Our core belief:
A better life is possible for our neighbors in need.

Our mission:
We prevent hunger and homelessness and alleviate poverty in Yellowstone County through community involvement.

Our vision:
A community of healthy and prosperous families.

Our values:

  • Hope: Hope makes it possible to imagine and achieve a better life.
  • Compassion: Struggling people deserve second and third chances for new beginnings.
  • Dignity: We preserve each individual’s sense of autonomy as the foundation for positive choices.
  • Respect: We accept our neighbors in need for who they are and where they are in their lives.
  • Collaboration: Alleviating poverty is a community-wide investment.
Our mission is to help people during times of personal financial crisis through providing a hand-up, not merely a hand-out. The primary goal of FSI is to provide hope—through preventing homelessness and deep poverty for residents of Yellowstone County.
Our compassionate services include provision of the most basic human needs: food, clothing, and shelter assistance. We also will provide prescription assistance, eye-glasses, school supplies and shoes for children; and holiday meals.

                                                                                                                                                              Formed at the turn of the last century by a group of Billings Pastors, Family Service, Inc. of Billings (FSI) has been operating in Yellowstone County, Montana, since 1906. Ledgers and notes from the early days show how help was provided to pay for medicine for a sick child or for giving food and clothing to a family whose home was destroyed by fire. Although no longer run by area Pastors, and methods used to deliver help certainly have changed over the years, the central core of extending hands of help and caring for our neighbors in need remains the same.

We are one of the longest serving nonprofit agencies in Billings and the State of Montana. That speaks highly of our community, and how we come together to care for one another. We continue to operate because of the generosity of people living right here in Yellowstone County.

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